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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Sunday Sessions....after a week of being with next generation's teenagers

I love joining in with Thea's music meme (why its called meme I have no idea!!!*S*). Click this link to go there and have a listen. There is also the Sunday song - hit here to have a look too.

I have been pondering the world over night thinking about songs, and wondering if it would be ok to break the rule and post up two newbies and forget about an oldie and lowe and behold, Thea has done the same, so I am not breaking the rules, just following her lead *LMAO*

This week I have been on camp with 40 9 to 13 year olds. I have had the best time. The kids at my school and in my class are so lovely and its such a joy to be teaching well mannered, respectful, wonderful kids. I am so grateful that in my latter years of teaching I have earned the reward to have such fun in my career. Guess what I guess I should link this to the I'm Grateful meme too at Maxiebella's blog!!!

Anyway, I will quit rambling. On the last night we had a disco and I played some up to the minute tunes and watching these children enjoy the music, dance and sing like a choir was fantastic. Please enjoy these two songs. I just can't explain the pleasure that I get from watching kids enjoy life and be happy (oh gosh now I have to thrown in an oldie too *S*).



  1. What a fabulous Sunday Session!! I am loving the Party Rock Anthem at the moment. And Bobby McFerrin brings back so many was when I was travelling alone, around 18/19 years old and my car broke down. This song came on the radio and I knew it would be alright!

    Love that you had such a great time at the school camp.

  2. I'm so sorry I haven't been by to listen to this Sunday Song link. I don't know how I missed it!!?? Thanks so much for sharing these tunes and of course for linking up with me. I really appreciate it.

    Hope you have been well and that you have a fabulous weekend.

    Best wishes,