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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Two more sleeps.............

Until holidays!!!!!!

Next week the school holidays start. I have now been trying to blog for three months, and find it hard as I work away from home. In the two weeks I want to learn how to do the following:

1. be able to copy people's badges (or what ever they are called) successfully.
2. put in a whole lot of photos in an array or grid ( I can't find a sample to use as everyone I've seen is copyrighted)
3. to be able to follow other blogs that are not in
4. any other cool stuff.
5. Understand "linkies"
6. Understand "memes" ( I know I can join in, but why the name?)
7. Find a book or site that explains it really easily - like "Blogging for the Dumber than Dummies."
8. How to search for new blog pages instead of just clicking next.
9. How to put frames around photos that I insert into m pages.

Its frustrating when I go to the help pages and have no idea what they are talking about.

I would really apprectiate help links or instructions from any of you expert bloggers. Please help so I can get my act together in the holidays.


Saturday, 25 June 2011

Silent Sunday....the Pleasure of Next Door's Dog


Sunday Sessions....after a week of being with next generation's teenagers

I love joining in with Thea's music meme (why its called meme I have no idea!!!*S*). Click this link to go there and have a listen. There is also the Sunday song - hit here to have a look too.

I have been pondering the world over night thinking about songs, and wondering if it would be ok to break the rule and post up two newbies and forget about an oldie and lowe and behold, Thea has done the same, so I am not breaking the rules, just following her lead *LMAO*

This week I have been on camp with 40 9 to 13 year olds. I have had the best time. The kids at my school and in my class are so lovely and its such a joy to be teaching well mannered, respectful, wonderful kids. I am so grateful that in my latter years of teaching I have earned the reward to have such fun in my career. Guess what I guess I should link this to the I'm Grateful meme too at Maxiebella's blog!!!

Anyway, I will quit rambling. On the last night we had a disco and I played some up to the minute tunes and watching these children enjoy the music, dance and sing like a choir was fantastic. Please enjoy these two songs. I just can't explain the pleasure that I get from watching kids enjoy life and be happy (oh gosh now I have to thrown in an oldie too *S*).